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--Claim A Hand--

Who's hand are you going to claim?

Claim A Hand
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Welcome to claim_a_hand

Claim A Hand

Welcome to claim_a_hand. This Community is runned and created by Ash dramatic_diva

[[ Rules and Stuff ]]

Must Join the Community to claim a hand.

By leaving the community you lose your claim.

Two hands per person. You can either claim both of the person's hands or one of a different person. Please state if you wish to have the right, left, or both hands of the person.

If both hands are claimed you may not claim that person's hands. Your claim will be ignored.

Make sure you have the full name of the person, left, right, or both hands, and if they are from a band the name of the band.

Claiming a friend's hand[s] make sure you leave their first name and their lj name.

Please don't claim more hands under another journal name!

Now go claim your hands!

DO NOT post another link to a community here. If you do your claim will be taken away and you will be banned from the community!

Please link me!

You can direct link the image.

Sister Communities <3

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